What does fitness training mean to you? At Fitforward, we know cardiovascular and strength training are the healthiest things you can do for your body and mind. But we BELIEVE training should also be a means to an end. In our minds, the goal is to move with ease and confidence — whether it be taking a long walk, playing tag with your kids, or the sport of your choice.

Here in the training section, you can come to learn how to improve your gait, correct body imbalances, reduce excessive wear and tear on your joints, improve your posture, perform strength training exercises correctly, and try out some fun new exercise challenges to incorporate into your exercise regimen. How you use that healthy body is then up to you.

Video 1 of 3: Intro to Soft Training

Proper foam rolling and trigger point ball work can increase circulation of tight and weak muscles, as well as help you feel and contract the proper muscles during exercise and daily movement.


Video 6 of 6: Core and Posture

A strong core is not trained by doing abdominal crunches and twists, but creating a torso structure that can maintain a tall, stable, and healthy “S curve” spine while forces are working against it.